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People start scratching their heads when they wish to remove Java from Mac. Well, as a matter of fact we have a solution to this. Follow the steps given below to know answer to "how do I uninstall java on Mac" question.

Well, as stated earlier, installing Java is much easier that removing it from Mac. To completely remove Java from your device, you need to follow systematic steps. This is done in three parts. Follow the steps given below to know how to delete Java on Mac.

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To remove Java completely from your device, you need to begin by removing the Java plugin that is present on your device. Just follow the below steps that will guide you to remove Java plugins. This is very simple if you follow the below given steps. This is the last and the final part you need to perform so as to remove Java completely from your device. Follow the below steps and you will be over with deleting Java from Mac. Empty your trash and restart your device. This is just to make sure that Java is entirely removed from your device. This is one more method that can help you to get rid of Java from your Mac device.

This is done by using command line instructions.

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  • How to Uninstall Java on Mac OS X.

The method is not recommended. This is because, even a slight mistake in the command line syntax might lead to irreversible changes causing data loss and a great damage. But still, if you wish to follow this method, use the below steps to know how to uninstall java runtime environment on Mac. Since using command line is a risky job, people still tend to use it. And some time, if a wrong command is given, they end up in a mess.

This might lead to your device not working properly, or even worse such as data loss. Chances of your data being lost in such cases are very high. And if by chance you lose your data, you can always depend on Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery. This software is the best and most reliable tool that helps the users to recover and restore all their lost data. In addition to this, it is very simple to use.

If you go back to the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features, you can see all the different versions of Java installed on your computer.

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  • How to Uninstall Java on Mac.

Well, the first thing I do when removing Java on Windows is to uninstall the older versions first. To get rid of the older versions, you can download and install the latest version of Java, which will automatically check for older versions and then install the latest version or you can run the Java Uninstall Tool.

The applet will check your version of Java and then remove out-of-date versions. If there are older versions, you will get a message showing you the versions and giving you the ability to uninstall them. Click on the Uninstall Selected Versions button to remove the older versions.

How to Uninstall Java on a Mac

Now that you only have the latest version, we can do one of two things: To do this, open the Control Panel, click on Java and then click on the Security tab. For Firefox, you have to click on Tools , then Add-ons and select Plugins. Click on Java Platform and then click on Disable. Note that even though Java is disabled, it can become outdated and still present a security vulnerability to your computer since it is installed. To uninstall Java, first remove the older versions like shown above and then go to Control Panel and Programs and Features.

Click on the latest Java version listed there and click on Uninstall. Technically, this is all you should have to do, but if you really want to get rid of every trace of Java, I recommend using a freeware app called JavaRa. Once you download it, just run the application. Just click on the Next button. The most important part of this program is Step 2.

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Even after uninstalling Java using its own tools, JavaRa was able to remove 12 more items that were left behind. Unless you want to reinstall Java, just click Next and then click Finish on the next screen.

Is Java Installed?

Now Java is completely removed from your Windows system. On Macs, everything is pretty much the same, except for the uninstall process. You can see whether Java is installed on your Mac in pretty much the same way as Windows. Just open up System Preferences and check to see if there is a Java icon at the bottom.

Also, just as in Windows, you can choose to keep Java installed, but disable it in Safari if you like.

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  • How to Remove or Uninstall Java (JRE) on Windows and Mac.

The first way is to click on the Java icon in System Preferences, which will open the Java Control Panel , which looks exactly like the one in Windows.